Yamaha DX7 ii D pitch bend broken, looking for solution to remove it entirely


I have a damaged DX7iiD where the pitch bend mechanism is broken and the plastic around the pitch/mod area is broken. At the moment, I don’t want to “properly” fix it with new plastic parts and pitch bend parts (cost and hard to get!), but what I’d like to do is somehow get the pitch bend to live in it’s “neutral position” always.

When the pitch bend is disconnect from a DX7ii, the default is “pitch bent all of the way down”. It’s easy enough to program out the pitch bend on internal patches, but it causes issues when using it as a controller.

I can see that the pitch bend pot is B10k Ohm 4-pin, and I’m trying to determine whether soldering a 5k ohm resistor (middle value?) would simply neutralize the impact.

At the same time, I’m wondering if the problem may be solvable a different way. The unit is always in pitch on startup and will later pitch down and stay down. I can correct it with a pitch bend centered from another controller but it’ll pitch back down again. Could it be cured with some other means? Or is something else going on? It’s definitely the pitch bend at some level, because internal voices are completely cured when pitch bend range is set to 0, and external pitch bend will center it again. Since I’ve removed the connector for the pitch bend, it’s not the broken unit causing an issue; it is in it’s default state. I’ve reset the unit multiple times…