Yamaha DX7 Keybed Grease

I have recently serviced my dx7 and noticed 2 things.

  1. After button replacement, it’s still doesnt work (sometimes works if you lift the panel) [button no. 25]

  2. On the keybed there seems to be a residue/lubricant that goes on a plastic part underneath the key, which im assuming lets the keys move smoothly and without tear to the plastic. What is it?


  1. Just a guess but if it works when you lift the panel, it sounds like you have mechanical interference activating the button full time. Maybe you didn’t solder it flush with the board or maybe it is an an assembly error. I recently reswitched a Super JX and nothing worked right because I also replaced the rotten button padding material and the new pads I made were too dense and caused some buttons to be always activated.

  2. If it’s the same as my Wavestation and I think it is, there is a vertical plastic pier in front of each key that slips inside a socket under the key. Both the piers and the key sockets had quantities of petrified black lubricant that had to be cleaned off with IPA and swabs. I think those piers are probably there to limit side to side motion of the keys and help protect them if they get bumped. I relubed with WD40 PTFE DryLube after cleaning off all the petrified stuff. I’m sure there are many things that will work, but this worked great. Use a swab so it doesn’t get on the face of the key.

I used some vaseline to coat each one…and also replaced the damper felt strips.

I’ve checked on the container and it looks like Vaseline but it says silicone…used for scuba gear and rubber lube…

the buttons are a sealed design on the DX7 and there should be no lubricant needed to make them work. I agree with ThatArpGuy that something is out of alignment. Clean that gunk off and investigate why the board does not line up with the exterior panel.

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