Yamaha EX-5 Aftertouch adjustment

This might be helpful for anyone having issues with the overactive Yamaha EX-5 aftertouch. I’ve heard of people selling their EX-5 because they didn’t know how to tame the AT and there’s nothing really available in the OS. There is a PC board inside with two adjustments (labeled gain and offset) just below the power supply. Obviously, be careful around the power supply. It’s easy to find and adjust. The most time-consuming part is removing all of the screws on the back to get to it. You’ll want to be able to access the keys while you make the adjustment to fine tune it to your liking. It’s a good idea to put a little permanent marker on the adjusters so you know where they were originally set. I’m including a schematic and a photo for reference.

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Very handy info - thanks Paul! I assume that you’d want to adjust Gain (VR2) to make the aftertouch less (or more) responsive. Is Offset (VR1) used to center the aftertouch effect (i.e. to make a vibrato go equally up and down in pitch)?

Nice! I just got an EX5 recently to play as my new master keyboard, and the aftertouch was driving me nuts. I just filtered aftertouch messages to off in Cubase instead as I rarely want the feature turned on in the first place. My original W5 of 24 years didn’t feel as finicky with it. Nice to know there is a solution if I want to take the time and effort.

I don’t remember exactly which was which, Sam, but they were basically as you described. I just and MIDI out to another synth and played with them until they felt right and were musical. You guys answer a lot of questions here. I just wanted to contribute something to help other people out.

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Yes, I use the EX-5 as a master board as well. The AT was so over the top and I looked all over the manual unable to find a solution. I know some people have sold these boards for this reason, which is unfortunate since the fix is really easy and the EX-5 is a beast of a synth.

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I regret for selling my EX 5. You are very right its a BEAST.