Yamaha keys clunk sound on release

Hi there, my Yamaha DGX620 keys make a loud clunk sound. All keys are affected.

When you release the held down keys and they return to the resting top of their travel they go thump! If you know what I mean. The thump happens when you let go of the key when the key returns to the top of its action.

Very loud now and at the annoy the neighbours stage.

Any advice thank you? Is there any products on your product page I should consider thanks?


There are two foam strips at the rear of the keyboard - one dampens the key as the weight hits the top of the frame the other softens the return to rest position.

I suggest replace both foam strips - Yamaha service agent can supply them

WF212000 Stopper Upper
WF211800 Stopper Lower

We stock both of these cushions. The one the key hammers are falling back to when you release a note is this one:
Keybed cushion, Yamaha - Syntaur

The one the hammers strike against when you hit a note is this one:
Keybed cushion, 88-note - Syntaur

FYI, I have the same problem with my SY77. Really loud My EX5 is a little loud but not enough to be annoying. Probably just a common maintenance issue.