Yamaha MO6 Help on some issues

Hello, I not too long ago purchased a Yamaha MO6 and I’m try to restore it from its present condition.

• I need a newer top panel ( this is the panel that has everything from name and brand of keyboard…. Everything ) mine is cracked in different locations. Want to get a new panel to replace one I currently have.

• I need to replace some keys….any good videos to help???

• The power adapter has to be positioned a certain way for it to maintain power. I believe it’s an issue for the port. Any videos to help with this issue?

Thank you for all your assistance.

The only thing you can do is find another unit and salvage it for parts.
If Yamaha doesn’t have spare parts anymore, all you can do is cannibalize another unit to make one that works. That’s how all out of production things are saved.

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