Yamaha Modx8 DM Motherboard

Please i urgently need Yamaha Modx8 Dm Motherboard.

Please kindly get back to me as soon as possible.

We now have this part listed on our site - it is a special order item:

Main board, Yamaha - Syntaur

Thank you Sam, so glad to see this.

Also can i get these followings parts for Yamaha Motif XF8,

  1. Pnc motherboard (right panel) for motif XF8

  2. Pna motherboard (left panel) for Motif xf8

  3. Pnb motherboard (middle panel) for Motif Xf8

Please i look forward to your earliest reply on these so i can order them altogether at once with the Modx8 Dm motherboard. :pray: