Yamaha Montage 8 main board

Hi Gurus, My Yamaha montage 8 isn’t powering up,I checked from the socket down to the input and output of the power supply and it’s ok, There are no visible burned parts as well.
Pls could this be a main board problem? And is there anyway to troubleshoot a main board issue?

Please I ll appreciate response from anyone.
Thanks in advance

Look for a shorted tantalum capacitor. They either explode or short without any physical signs.

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Thank you so much, i been away for a while, bt I ll feedback when I sort it. I appreciate

@midnightvisions @Tundetprox Hi I have the same issue, PSU is looking fine, please these tantalum capacitors are they on the main YG708 motherboard? It looks like the PSU feeds the motherboard and the I/O board…

They are usually used in the analog to digital section, or other clock areas where higher precision is needed. Suspect each and every one where ever they are in your machine. Visible appearance means nothing as they can completely fail and look brand new. Test them all.