Yamaha Motif MOXF8 Tripping Off

I have a Yamaha Motif MOXF8 that trips off few minutes in performance. Once its powered on, you can play it for like 15mins it then trips off. I checked the Auto Power Off and reset the Keyboard to factory setting. At this time it works for like 3weeks and later started tripping off again and you will have to pushed the power button twice before it comes on again.

Please what could be the problem and how do I go about the repair.

Thanks am most grateful.

Please somebody help me on this…

I would explore the possibility of replacing the power board which luckily Syntaur has for sale!

My MOXF8 powers off only when tapped hard between the button sets on the right side of the keyboard top. I’m hoping one day I will find replacement button board for those two on the right side. Nothing yet.

I have a jack board on order from syntaur that hopefully will solve extremely low audio signal output from all audio outs including the headphones.

While I’m waiting for the jack board to arrive, I need to hook up the USB cable and see what kind of audio out come from it two stereo sends inside the usb.


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Thanks for this helpful information buddy :pray:

You are welcome.

What has come to pass since then:

Replaced the jack board because one of the capacitors blew off it’s casing for some reason, before I got the board. I gained consistent level from both sides left & right, but still extremely low level audio.

Replaced the power board because of the powering off issue.
The audio levels are 5by5 now, and it fixed the powering off issue when tapped on top of the case.

While opening the case for the first time, I went in to reseat one of the keys and to check out any internal damage. Some screw casings were broken, which I gorilla-glued back and replaced that octave DFA keys for the unseated key.

I slapped that puppy back together, with a lightness of heart. Over 40 screws later, I found another black key that sounds like it’s fractured if not broken. It’s producing a full velocity strike in a very random fashion. I know what to do with the key and the ribbon connector, but I’m having more fun playing the beast. We can tweak later when I don’t have rehearsals, and upcoming performances. It really is that random and it sounds exactly like most of my real mistakes… lol

BTW, there are manuals and schematics online for free, if you know where to look. Not bad considering I got this board for free, and for less than a $400 investment in parts. The labor came by the Grace of the Universe.