Yamaha Motif Xf 7 Ab and D keys not working

I encountered a problem yesterday with my Motif XF7 the Ab and D Keys from the lower register to the first D key after middle C does not work/ no sound. I tried cleaning the contact boards under the keys to no avail. Also there are two 23 pin connectors connecting the three boards under the keybed I don’t know if they are the problem I tried cleaning them as well however the problem still persist.
Also can you tell me where I purchase the 40 pin connector and the two 23 pin connectors under the keybed?
Please help or provide suggestions


Any assistance as to the possible caused and recommendations will be appreciated.



As you may have noticed this is every 6th key that does not work. Keys are being scanned in lots of 6. The middle board has the connection going to the DM board that does the key selection. Since only the left side has the issue but not the entire keyboard the problem is NOT the 40-pin cable and also not the connection cables between the boards.
My guess would be that one track on the middle board between the 40-pin connector and the first missing key is where the issue is to be found.
You need an Ohm meter or even better a diode tester that beeps on short, find the common track that connects all the missing keys and find the interruption.
On experience - look for a piece of track that is no longer dark green but looks black, almost like burnt, and that is your issue. I have also seen corroded solder points on diodes, caused by what I think is sweat, that can cause the same line interruption from that solder point to the connecting line.
Hope this helps …

Hello Werner,

Thanks for your assistance are you referring to this board as the middle board that might be causing the issue:Key contact board, 12-note (Mid), Yamaha - Syntaur

I will place the order at Syntaur expeditiously if its the board you are referencing if not can you post a link of the board so I can order the same?

I will also request in you can send a link to the 40 pin and the 23 pin flex ribbon cables for the boards as well so i can purchase the same so as to have a backup.


You have to work out where the problem starts within the three boards - wherever the fault appears first - the fault is between that key and the one before that still works.