Yamaha Motif XF8, XS6, XS7 No Sound

Hello smart buddies, please I have these 3 Yamaha Motif XF8, XS6, XS7 Keyboards brought for repairs. I fix their different faults I.e. screen problem, power problem, and Keys problem.

After fixing these problems I noticed non of them is bringing out sound!!!

I checked the combo and the Audio Jack Cord on another Keyboard it works fine.

I even interchanged (swapping) the motifs Audio sound board with each other still none didn’t bring out sound both on headphone and amp.

Please currently I don’t know what to do next and the Motifs works perfectly except with this sound issue.

I’m so worried and am looking forward for answers from the experts here. Please guys I need to get this fix asap.

Thanks for reaching out to me.
I’m most grateful.
Best regards.

Well, the fun of buying faulty means you have no idea what has happened to them. Lightning strike, voltage spike etc :slight_smile:

My approach is to factory reset them first. Then see if they have a relay on the outputs (some have it to avoid pops on power up) that is faulty or needs cleaning. Then check the soldering on the output jacks, But then gradually work from the outputs backwards, checking op amps,. DACs etc