Yamaha MU80 battery replacement

I have the Yamaha MU 80 desk top style or half rack module. It’s reading low battery. It’s a soldered in the circuit board kind. Can anyone help?

The original battery is a CR2450-F2MX1H which you certainly don’t find anymore
You can use a VARTA Microbattery CR 2450 PCB3.
it’s very easy to replace if you have the right tools
Check out the service manuals to properly opening and dismounting the unit
I’ve done it and took me less than 30min to do the whole thing.
Message is gone and back online for the next 20 years :slightly_smiling_face:

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You guys are a day late and a dollar short! I repaired this months ago with a standard CR2032 pancake battery and battery holder. I can send photo of the mod? If you want to see? It’s working fine now. No more low battery on screen. All functions are working as normal.

Hi there,
Could your post the pics or advise how to replace the battery please?

Don’t have photos anymore! But it was very easy to do. Purchased a circuit board battery holder from Amazon. Got the correct battery, soldered two wires where the chassis mount was. ( remove the old battery, desoldered!) Remember the polarity, There you go! The hardest part was putting it back together with the loose mount in the case. Hot glued it in place, so it wouldn’t move around! I hope this will help?