Yamaha p200 power on but no sound

Hello Gurus, :wave:

Please i have a Yamaha P200 with no Sound from the Output and the Headphone. But it powered on.

Please is there any capacitor(s) responsible for this NO SOUND???

Please kindly assist me with what to do. :pray:
So anticipating to hear from you guys.

Thanks I’m most grateful :pray:

Wamr regards.

Let’s narrow it down to an area. The unit powers on, lights and display are working properly and you can change voices (LEDs change).
Let’s go backward from the speakers:
You are getting no sound from the speakers?
You are getting no sound through the headphones?
You can plug your headphones into the OUTPUT jacks - are you getting sound?
Can you hear a “Click” a few seconds after turning on the unit? - There’s a relay on the Power Supply/ Audio Amp Board. If you don’t hear it, try touching the relay to feel the click.
Plug something into the INPUT jack - Guitar, another piano, Mic, etc. Do you hear anything? (Input goes through the relay, and everything else you just tested.)
The sound produced by the piano itself goes through the Master Volume pot before joining the at the input jack.

There are a couple IC amps that both L/R channels go through. Capacitor issues will typically only effect one channel.

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Ahmmm … you haven’t by any chance accidentally turned the speakers off … there is an on/off switch at the rear left !?

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Starting from the speakers and working backward, if there’s no sound, check speaker connections and volume. Try headphones to see if they work. If headphones are silent, there may be internal audio routing issues or speaker problems. Listen for a “click” after turning on; if absent, check the relay or power supply.