Yamaha PF70 replacement volume control

I am looking for a replacement volume control for a PF70. It is a 10K dual slide potentiometer, marked 551t 10KAX2. Getting an exact replacement is important since the pin locations must match the circuit board but I will entertain other suggestions. Anyone know where I can find one? Thanks!

Additional information: One set of four pins on one side of the slider, one set of two pins on the other. Distance between the two sets of pins is 40mm. Slider travel is 30mm.

We don’t have information on which slide pot this is specifically, and Yamaha no longer has the part available. But from your description, is sounds like this might be a good candidate:

Does the pin configuration look correct? If so, the only other variable is the lever - you’ll need the length and the shape to be correct. This one is 8mm from the top of the slider casing.

I ordered and received this part (#3696) and its pin placement perfectly matched the pinout of the volume slider that I was replacing in the PF70. As expected the metal shaft of the 3696 was too wide for the PF70 knob but it was easy to file it down to fit. The length of the 3696 shaft, though shorter than the shaft I was replacing, does not appear to be a problem but I added a drop of paint to the shaft before putting on the knob just in case. Everything appears to be working fine!