Yamaha PS-170 Stand: L3C instead of L2C?

Dumb question from a drummer & guitarist (insert jokes here…)

I am dusting off my wife’s neglected Yamaha PS-170 keyboard for our daughter, and it needs a stand (not music stand).

The manual says the L2C stand is compatible, but the L3C seems to be the only one currently available.

Is the L3C compatible with the L2C? I have done a ton of googling, but can’t find a straight answer.

Thank you in advance,




Just get one of these - any music store has them - and not expensive either ?!


Thank you for the quick response!

Yep, even I’m familiar with generic keyboard stands, but I’m still wondering if the L3C is compatible with the L2C.

I know this is a repair site, with many DIYers who MACGYVER their way into being awesome, but I figured I’d ask, since the knowledge base seems pretty deep here.

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One L2C for sale here :slightly_smiling_face:

Directly from YAMAHA CA Site:
This stand was specifically fashioned to bolt directly to many of Yamaha’s PSR-E, YPT, NP and NP-V Piaggero and EZ keyboards. Offering excellent stability and a collapsible design convenient for travel, the L3C is perfect for those seeking a secure stand at a highly affordable price.

Directly from YAMAHA SG site:
Yamaha L-2C keyboard stand for Yamaha NP-30/S, NP-31/S, NP-V80, NP-V60, NP-11, PSR-E213/223, PSR-E313/E323/E333, PSR-E413/E423, PSR-E433, PSR-E443

So - looking at what the two are for - seems exactly same to me … so may be a different material or different manufacturing plant.

I would guess either will work for the olde PS-170