Yamaha PSR 323 Malfunctioning

I have a case of psr 323, I transferred a working mother board to another, when I switched it on, the sound went off and the song volume was no long functioning.

Please what should I do?
Thanks guys.

Do you mean a PSR-E323 ?

Yes It is. Yamaha E323

Bit of a wide open statement - what IS actually working … LCD OK? Keys OK - ie keys show on the LCD … etc etc ?

Yes, LCD displays and keys shows on the screen.

Have to look at the power amp now

CN105 on the PSU/amp board is the connection to and from the volume pot. if you touch pin 4 or 5 with a pin you should hear a 50Hz rumble through the speaker(s).

If not we have to look further …

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This is good. Would give it a check further. Thanks @wernersaurus