Yamaha PSR 450 Fluctuating on Loud Volume

I have a Yamaha PSR 450 and I detect that whenever Its powered on and loud the volume to maximum. The light on the keyboard keep fluctuate and then stopped bringing sound.

But whenever the volume is been reduced, the sound restore back and playing well.

Please Guys, what could be the cause?
And what can I do to resolve this for a client of mine?

Thanks for your quick response.
I’m most grateful.

Looks to me like the PSU is “collapsing” at higher current demand.
Have you got the correct power adapter - needs 12VDC and at least 2A (or YAMAHA part PA-5D)?

If so - can you replace with another just for testing?

Thanks so much, but is part PA-5D a Power adapter or component?

PA-5D is the Yamaha branded power adapter - but does not have to be. Any 12VDC 2A or greater current ( + —o)— - ) PLUS in centre will do.

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Alright. Thanks so much for this.

Please can I have your email?
Thanks am most grateful.