Yamaha RX11 - power transformer broken?


i bought a yamaha rx11 on ebay recently. Since i bought it from the US, i needed an euro adapter for the plug. Unfortunately i didn’t think about the voltage, so when i plugged it in the voltage was higher than the recommended 120 V. The drum machine started humming really loud, half a minute later it turned off and started smelling in the back. I opened it and the power transformer was very hot, i think it might be broken, but i’m not sure. The drum machine doesn’t turn on anymore. Is it up to the power transformer? I found another power transformer on the syntaur listings, it’s for the RX15 but it looks the same. Is it compatible with the Rx11 as well? I’m very new to this so i might be completely wrong. Any help is appreciated.


We don’t have service information on either of these models, but the RX15 transformer (for US models) has the part number GA8364 written on it. If yours has the same marking, they will be interchangeable.

Please let us know if yours has this, or a different number, so we can add this information to our site and our database.

And if they are interchangeable and you replace the burnt transformer, you’ll need to power the RX11 through a step-down transformer that will provide 120V.

Part numbers from RX11 Service Manual

transformer has two secondary windings - one to supply for +15VDC (probably about 25VAC) and another to supply +5VDC (probably about 8 … 10VAC)

General/International transformer has primary ready for 110V/230V with unit having voltage selection option.

The RX11 has no primary fuse - so 230V fed into 110V transformer will burn the transformer up - all secondary parts are most probably safe

Most of the transformer have a safety thermal use in series with the primary and it can act as a current limiting fuse too (rated at a temperature under the enameled copper wire insulating material max fusing temperature).
Before to discard the transformer you can try to remove the insulating tape to see if there’s such fuse and if you are lucky the transformer will work again with this fuse replaced.