Yamaha RX17 battery

I just got a Yamaha RX17 drum machine. It needs a new battery. I assumed I would be able to play with it and just not save anything. But no; it’s stuck on the “no battery” on the display. So I need to change the battery. The Syntaur parts listen for the RX17 didn’t have a battery. But from what I have been able to gather it uses the same battery as the DX7. The part number listed in the RX17 service manual is VB436900. Would a DX7 battery work? I am sure any 3 volt lithium would do the job. But if I can get one with solder tabs that match the holes on the board; that would make things easier. Should I go ahead and order a DX7 battery from Syntaur? The sooner I can enjoy my new (old) toy; the better.

I ended up ordering some battery holders and batteries. One of the reviwers on Amazon was able to get thr battery holder to fit in their DX7. So hopefully it will fit my RX17.

The part numbers for the DX7 battery and the RX17 battery are different - but that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t interchange. I’d love to know what you find out!