Yamaha rx17 issue

I bought a yamaha rx17 for almost nothing. It works, but some sounds are doubled or tripled when I press the pad. For example, the snare plays three times in a row when I press it, and even in the preset patterns.
Is there a way to solve this? I tried to initialize with stop and +1 bit it changes nothing.
Thanks for helping if you can!

The switches either need cleaning or replacement. Sometimes just pressing them a bunch can help otherwise a cleaning solution like Deoxit D5 often helps. If you’re handy with a soldering iron then replacing the switches is the way to go to get it playing like new.

Thanks a lot. So, according to you, it’s not a software problem? I mean something related to the system?

Actually I just reread what you said about the snare playing three times in a row even in the preset patterns. This is definitely an electronic problem, sorry I misunderstood the problem at first.

Is it possible for you to try triggering it with MIDI? That could give some insight into the problem if it still occurs then.