Yamaha S900 Screen Be

Hello Guys,

Please I have a Yamaha PSR S900 Keyboard which the LCD screen is turning white with lines on it. You have to strain your eyes to see what’s displaying.

Please what could be the problem?

And can it be repaired or will it required a screen replacement?

Thanks for your prompt responses.
I am most grateful.

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Likely the screen needs replacing. Determine the character set (how many high, how many wide) and then the voltage and you may be able to just buy an inexpensive LED display for it. I’m buying a display for my Akai S900 sampler from buydisplay.com for less than $20.
Also much better than the original!

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If you’re lucky it can be a bad connection. The circuit on the LCD display is connected to the glass via conductive pads. You can carefully reseat this, cleaning contacts if needed.

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Thanks guys.

I’m most grateful

Open the keyboard, get access to the rear of the screen (is a bit of a mission) and check the label on the LCD itself - this is the manufacturer’s part number and you can find it on eBay. The only differences will be:

  • you have to cut the HV connector splice the original HV connector to it.
  • you have to solder remove the GND cable from the original and solder to the GND pad on the new LCD
  • you have to slightly re-route the flex cable (about 1/2" offset)

That is all - done many times!!!

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Thank you so much for this. I am most grateful.