Yamaha SY-1 Replacement Sliders

I’m looking for a replacement B10K slider for my Yamaha SY-1.
The part number is HQ30015. The closest I have found seems to be the ones for the CS15, but those ones look slightly different.
Anyone have any experience replacing the sliders on the SY-1 and can guide me on any substitutes that I can use?

I think those are quite the same as the ones used in the CS-50 with the exception that the orientation of the mounting screw is different. (which doesn’t make it easier to find one…)

Have you tried cleaning the slider? - It’s quite easy to take apart, clean the carbon tracks and then re-assemble them.

I did spray some Deoxit into it, but haven’t gotten the courage yet to fully take one apart.

I also need to clean the switches, I have a feeling that the reason why everything on the PWM circuit dies and comes back randomly is due to this.