Yamaha Sy77 replacement screws

I have lost the screws to the bottom cover and 2 main boards to my SY77. Does anyone know where I can order replacements?

I see alot of requests on here for fasteners and its like all ya’ll askin have just brain-farted. I’m gonna post the fix for all lost fasteners here, so make sure it gets passed around. I am going to say that if you can’t keep track of the fasteners you have and at disassembly you don’t notice missing ones then I suggest you get your synth repairs to pros, because this problem should be taken care of immediately while fresh in your mind. Losing small parts leads to alot more expense and headaches, a synth is chock full. So here’s the fix: All gear has an owners manual, in that manual is a parts list that includes the fasteners, size[ all metric] and quantity. Problem solved, any hardware store will have what you need. In the USA, don’t waste you time settin foot in a home depot or lowes, when it comes to fasteners those places are a joke. If you can’t seem to use the net and find that manual, I highly recommend you quit fooling with anything technical, mechanical or electrical. You might want to stay away from sharp, pointy things as well…

2 Concepts you’re not familiar with:

1 - Random acts of roommates.
2 - How to not answer a question without being a dick.

Yeah, that was a pretty lame way for that dude to respond. But, there is a bit of good advice in what he’s saying.

Not all service manuals include a parts list, but most Yamahas do. The SY77 lists the bottom case parts as being M4 x 10mm, however they’re JIS screws which are really hard to find in the US. (And hopefully you just need the case screws–the ones for the rubber feet might be hard to get.)

If you’re cool with not getting JIS and instead just getting regular metric Philips heads, then go to to McMaster-Carr’s website and hunt for an M4 x 10mm that has a head that would work for you. They do have some JIS screws but they’re all zinc and not black, which might be annoying to someone who’s fussy (like me).

my point got across and it won’t be forgotten, so you thin skin synth owners quit whining. JIS type screws can be had alot of places, ebay fastenal ,etc