Yamaha TG77 occasionally loses output

I recently got a TG77. The output signal (from both output1 & 2) occasionally gets very low or just gone completely. Power cycling the unit can bring back the output but it would drop again randomly.

What could be the reason that cause such problem? Any professional insights are appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I am not familiar with using the TG77 specifically, but I have seen examples of a bad or dirty data slider which jumps values, and if the unit is in a mode where the data slider controls volume of a program, it can lead to the scenario you describe. So when your unit does this, try just working the data slider up and down a few times, and see if the volume comes back (or changes as you work it). If so, clean or replace that slider.

Thank you for replying! The data slider is not linked to control volume but I’ll try when that problem happens again.

Sounds like a classic cold solder joint problem.

Thanks for the hint.