Yamaha v50 change floppy driver

Recently I recovered my Yamaha v50 which had diferents problems with I solved, but the problem is now How to recovered my sounds that I made some time ago and the floppy driver doesn’t run. I bought a new floppy drive Sony MPF920 but I need an interface of 26 to 34 pins.
I live in Argentina and is very difficult to find for example the XS051 adaptor. I think that is not difficult for me develop a adapter if I could know the diagram of conexión of this adapter.
I’ll be very happy if somebody could helps me with these information.
Thank so much.

Hi everybody, I tell you that I recently could recovery may old sounds through a new floppy drive Sony. I made an adaptor from 26 to 34 pinouts.
Thanksimage image ![image|320x103]

Nice job there - well done !