Yamaha V50 plastic Keys repeared

Hi. I want to tell you that my vintage yamaha v50 had several broken keys because the steel strap ends up breaking a small support tab of that strap in order to function as a spring. Since the cost of replacing many keys was high, I designed a part for 3D printing and inserting it into the key, you just need to downgrade a few key details a bit and then insert the new part. the part may require some fine adjustment to fit snugly enough or you may also use some glue. I can share photos and the layout that is applicable for 3 key sizes that make up this keyboard. I also understand that these types of keys are also used by the SY22 SY35 SY55 EX7 DX11 QS300 MO6 s30 DS55 YS100 YS200 and Korg X3 keyboards, among others. I hope this information can help you. Regards.

I can share the files to print format.
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