Yamaha VSS-30 sample button not working

Ahoy there! I just bought a VSS-30 for $4 at goodwill. It had all the buttons and seemed to be in decent shape minus the battery door missing.

I put batteries in and it turned on but some of the tones were not really working. Over the past few hours I got all the tones to start working and now almost all the buttons work expect the two most important ones.

THE SAMPLE / OVER WRITE buttons :frowning:

When I press them there is no noise or anything. I am really sad about it. Is there anything you guys can suggest?

I tried using a power chord and it’s the same result. From the videos I watched it seems that if you press the sample button then it will beep and you can record your voice. Mine doesn’t beep and I tried yelling into it and then pressing keys but nothing happens.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance ,

Hopefully just a bad button?