Yamaha YDP 144B

Hello! I had to unscrew the back panel on our keyboard to reach an iPhone (!) that had been pushed inside. Afterwards, I see the screws are not all the same: 8 of one type, 12 of one type, 3 of one type.

Strange thing is, there are holes where none of them fasten properly now. Most are ok but many just hang loose in the hole.

Wondering if there’s a map or manual for this back panel, where to put which screws. And solutions…

There are only 3 screws in the back holding the lid in place. Once you unscrew those the top slides forward and allows access to the inside. Those : screws are machine screws . The rest are for the back panel.

Aha, the three screws hold the top lid?

Once I unscrewed all the screws, some of them don’t “stick” anymore in their holes. Just hang loosely in the hole. Any solution to that?

Were they fastened into nuts? Might have to open it more to tighten them back up