Yamaha YPR-7 key removal/replacement tips?

Can someone give me an exact description of how to remove a white key from a Yamaha YPR-7 and how to replace the spring? I’ve never done it and I don’t want to break the key. I’ve looked for videos but none show these steps clearly. There seems to be a piece on the side of the key that stops it from going straight out.
The keyboard has taken over our dining room table and my husband is threatening divorce! :wink:
Most of the requests I see are not answered so I’m not too hopeful here. One had a video that said it was good for any Yamaha keyboard-not mine! ( https://www.synthxl.com/yamaha-dx100/ )


is really easy once you worked it out. In essence - you need to push each key back about 3mm then lift the rear of the key up a little and pull it out forward - the spring will stay in at an angle pointing upwards.
HOWEVER - you now find you cannot push any key back; that is because there is a rubber strip that is inserted and stopping the keys from going back and falling out. Carefully slide that rubber strip out sideward.
Inserting keys is the other way around; push it in in a slight angle upwards and click it in. Last step is to slide the rubber strip back in.
NOTE: White keys out first then black - black in first then white.

By the way … I have never seen a broken spring in these type of keyboards. You will find the fault being the white key broken … piece of plastic broken off on the underside if the key where the spring is pushed back from causing the key return.
Easy fixed too !!