YDP-184 a few randomly loud keys

My wife has ydp-184 and a few keys are max volume sometimes when struck. they are d and g in main octave. What should we do? thanks.

You need to remove the keyframe, lock the hammers and remove the three key contact boards. Clean the boards and the rubber contacts and re-assemble it again … re-installing the rubber contact strip in alternate positions as part of the elimination process.
Not an easy thing to do …

Thanks. That is about what I thought from looking at YT. Above my paygrade, I think. I will contact local sound man to see if he knows anyone. I guess bands break electronic keyboards? Much appreciated. If anyone knows someone in Sandford, Southern Pines, Cary NC area, I would call them.

It is almost certainly an issue with the key contact strips. More info is here:

We list a couple of repair places in North Carolina. More info is here: