YDP162 Arius Piano stopped working after intermittent issues

Our YDP 162 Arius Piano had intermittent issues and would not turn on 50% of the time. It stopped working completely a week ago. Any suggestions on what could be wrong and what parts need to be changed? The power is ok - the power lights work fine.

That does not make sense - you say “it does not turn on” but then also say “the power light works”.
The power light uses +5VDC and is controlled by the on/off circuitry which is getting +16VDC from the external power adapter and is then fed through circuitry to make +5VDC. Furthermore, the power is kept “ON” by the main CPU itself keeping the “ON” signal asserted until the on/off button is pressed again, and recognized by the main CPU, when in due course the main CPU removes the “ON” signal and the power shuts down. Hence, the main CPU must be running to have the power light kept on.

In light of the above … what actually does not work?

I have tried to explain the problem with this video. I am thinking the same as you about the power and CPU.

Would appreciate any help to have this fixed.


BUGGER … not good. Just for a long shot let’s try a reset.
Turn off power (ie remove power completely then re-power the power adapter but do not turn on the piano)
Press down the right-most white key (C7) and hold it down whilst pushing the power button. You will see the REC and PLAY LED’s flash for a short while - once the flashing completes release the C7 key.

Does it work now?

If not my best educated guess would be either bad RAM or corrupted ROM neither of which is repairable - needs new DM board.

Thanks for getting back to me. Saw two different outcomes.(https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Pc2ASedaEzr1rGaw3w_Xucw9CmIGaYVJ/view?usp=drivesdk)

Yeep - looks like RAM fault - you need this:

May have contact a YAMAHA Service Center

I did and they don’t have parts. Said it’s obsolete.

Would you have the parts?

Not sure I believe that “obsolete” comment - YAMAHA usually guarantees parts for warranty plus 7 years (ie 10 years) - YDP-162 has/had 3 years warranty and was released in 2014 so that makes it 8 years.
I can’t check right now as YAMAHA is on xmas/ny leave until Jan 3rd 2023.


confirmed available (as I thought) … hence your “agent” should be able to get it too.
I am in Australia and for it delivered to my place you are looking at close to A$200 RRP and 4 … 5 weeks wait as not in stock at Yamaha Australia warehouse.