Yet another SQ80 Problem

Hi again!

Found another issue with my SQ80…

I think there is an issue with the aftetouch on a single key. It is fully modulated every time I stike it. Is there any way to disable the after touch in the keyboard settings? Also how could I fix this?

** note I’m still having an issue with the digital noise in my earlier post. I thought it could be the after touch, but I used my DX7 as a controller to the SQ80 and still had the same noise problem. The modulation Problem was resolved by using the DX7 as a controller, but I would like to fix the SQ80 ha

Thanks again!

Some steps I would try would be to swap that key with the same note from another octave to see if it could be the key itself. A keyboard connector issue is another possibility. I see in the schematics that the pressure circuitry for each key consists of a resistor, transistor, and coil. An open or shorted transistor sounds like a likely candidate. I believe some of that circuit is on the “poly pressure keyboard” circuit board.

On the MIDI page, you can set PRESS = OFF - that will disable aftertouch both locally and via MIDI.

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Sam, thank you! It’s an after touch problem. Disabled per your direction and it fixed it. As cool as it is, I never press the keys hard enough to use it, so I’ll keep it disabled. Thanks!!