Yocto 2 TR808 Clone - Handclap section just leaking noise

Hi all!

I just finished building my own TR-808 clone and I was wondering if I can make a question here in the forum. I know it is not a vintage equipment but it is a 1-1 circuit clone of a vintage one so maybe you guys knowledge of schematics can help me here.

Basically, everything on the unit works, including the handclap, but the handclap is leaking noise badly. Even if I never trigger the voice, just changing the handclap volume pot makes the white noise from the noise circuit to leak into the main volume bus.

Here are the the handclap schematic. The noise circuit inject white noise in the “WN” pins. If you guys have any idea where should I debug for issues that would help a lot, I have no idea where to probe and all parts look correct:


Fixed the issue:

I love a happy ending!