Korg dss-1 sampling keyboard

My DSS-1 will not load sounds into the unit, I hear the disk working but will not load sounds?? I have the whole Sound Library but it does it with all the disks?? could it be I need a new Hard drive?? if so where can I find a new replacement?

Hi @NICKO55,

I also own a DSS-1. I just found another similar thread on Syntaur, so I won’t write too much here, but there are options to get your synth working again. You may want to take a look at this thread:

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Floppy emulators are slightly faster than real old tech floppy drives with disks. The main advantages are many disks work of info can be stored on them and they are less prone to physical damages as long as you use usb eject procedures. If your DSS had/has a hard disk drive I recommend you …

  1. Pull the drive and connect it to a PC.
  2. Buy and download grc.com spinrite software and run full disk repair recover mode 4 I believe.
  3. Depending on hard disk type…get a ssd to that disk interface type and move all the recovered files to the ssd and run the DSS from that you will ne much happier with your hardware synth
    It vfc will be faster file changes and more reliable.

Thank you so much for your help and info, I have a friend that is computer savvy and will forward this to him! If I can get my DSS back up I will let you know, thanks again! N. L