Roland Ax-1 Keytar

Aloha all.

I am repairing a Roland AX-1 (old school keytar). The motherboard has 2 flex cables. One connects to the keyboard. The second connects to modulation bar (and other buttons on the “neck” of the keytar). Roland Parts no longer stock the replacements. Any thoughts on a work around?

Thank you.

If you can post a photo of the cables you need, that would help. Also, how many wires are in each cable, and how long is each cable? With that info, we can check and see if we have something like that around here.

Thank you.image

Cable 1:

The # of pins is 16. The length is 18” (457.2 mm) and the width is 27/32” (21.43 mm).

Cable 2:

The # of pins is 22. The length is 8” (203.2 mm) and the width is 1-4/32” (28.575 mm).

Here’s a photo of the part numbers.image

Hi Sam,

I hope that you and your family are safe and sound. Have you had a chance to check around your parts department to see if there are any flex cables that might fit?

Thank you.