Roland AX-1 pitch bend sensor & FFC jumper

I’m repairing a Roland AX-1 keytar for a friend. The original problem was that the pitch bend ribbon sensor (“slider pot,” Roland part number J3339102) has reportedly worn out to the point where it does not return to center, a common issue. The previous owner attempted a repair, and somehow damaged the FFC connecting the neck control board to the motherboard (1.25mm 16-pin FFC, 42cm length, Roland part number J3469146).

The perfect repair would involve simply replacing both these parts, but I can’t find either.

I have hopes of sourcing a suitable FFC, just haven’t had any luck at that length yet. @cebufunk requested these cables here a couple years ago, but that thread is a dead end.

Syntaur does carry a replacement ribbon sensor for the AX-7 and AX-Synth. If this is reasonably close to the same size, I can probably hack it in. I wonder if anyone can provide a datasheet (or at least the dimensions and resistance value) of this part? Or, does anyone know if the AX-7/AX-Synth pitch bend controller is about the same size as the AX-1’s?

The alternative is to just disconnect the pot and add fixed resistances to keep it at center. Can anyone explain how this so-called “slider pot” actually works? It has 3 pins, and I get a roughly constant ~6.3K between the top two pins and the expected split on the wiper when touching the ribbon, but a much higher ~110K resistance to the wiper from both ends when not touching the ribbon. These values actually seem fine, in the sense of “returning to center” on my multimeter, but I can’t test it without the FFC repair and have to assume the seller tore it open for a reason.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Greetings Ezod. I responded to the email that Syntaur sent to me only to be notified that it was a “do not reply” email address.

Here are a few photos of what I shot over the weekend after a gig.

I’ll send this in 3 batches so you can view each Roland Keytar that I own.

The Ax 1 photos are enclosed with this email.

I did reach out to the flat cable manufacturer and didn’t get a response that indicated that they could help. I couldn’t provide them with the correct “measurements”. If you email me your email address to, I can forward copies of my correspondence with them.

PS. I just tried uploading the photos and the Syntaur server is pretty weak in terms of size of uploads. I’ll email them to you instead.